Textile Art Association


The Association of Latvian Textile Artists (ALTA) was founded in Riga in April 1994. The main objectives of ALTA activities are to consolidate Latvian professional textile artists, to promote their creative work, to insure regular exhibition activities in Latvia as well as abroad. ALTA establishes and maintains relations with similar organizations in the world and carries out exchange of informative materials with the most important periodicals in this field by furnishing exhaustive information on Latvian textile artists' most significant achievements. ALTA summarizes the information on competitions; symposiums and exhibitions held in the world and encourages Latvian artists to take part in these events. A great part of Association's work is carried out in support of the young artists to fulfil and develop their creative activities.
The main characteristic features of Latvian textile art are the high artistic quality of the work, pictorial coloring, plastic forms, rhythm of drawing, masterly workmanship, perfect use of materials and technique employed to develop the theme of the work. ALTA is carrying on the traditions established by Latvian textile art school, thus favoring the continuity of creative process and wide popularization of artists in this field. All ALTA members are also members of Union of Latvian Artists.



Inta Amolina
Anita Armane
Georgs Barkans
Aija Baumane
Astrida Berzina
Zane Berzina
Kristine Birzniece
Irisa Blumate
Rita Blumberga
Ruta Bogustova
Diana Dimza-Dimme
Andra Dirina
Rita Eglite
Ieva Krumina
Skaidrite Leimane
Kristine Luse
Aina Muze
Liga Priedite
Arnis Pumpurs
Baiba Ritere
Dina Stempa
Daiga Stalberga
Iveta Vecenane
Ieva Veitnere
Dzintra Vilks
Edite Vignere

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