Andra Dirina photo

Born on April 5, 1970, Riga, Latvia. Professional training: J. Rozentals Art High School, Riga (1981-1988), Textile Art Department, Latvian Academy of Arts, Riga (1991 1996), Bachelor in Arts (1996)Studies for a Master's degree, Latvian Academy of Arts, Riga (1996-1998)
Professional Memberships: Latvian Textile Artists' Association (from 1995)
Contributor to major exhibitions of textile art in Latvia since 1992, participation in jury and group exhibitions in Estonia, Czech Republic, Italy and Germany.
Participant of the International Textile art symposium " Muhu fiiber" in Muhu, Estonia.

image The Invisible Time. 1992, 84 x 123 cm, tapestry.

image In the Morning. 1995, 160 x 108 cm, tapestry.

image Summer. 1996, 200 x 135 cm, tapestry.

image The Border of Clouds. 1996, 91 x 130 cm, tapestry, wool, cotton, synth.