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Born in 1943. Professional training - Riga Applied Arts School (1956-1961), Latvian Academy of Arts, Textile Art Department (1961- 1967) - under the supervision of Prof. R. Heimrats.
Contributor to exhibitions since 1963. Member of Latvian Artists' Union since 1969. Member of Association "B 13" since 1993. Head of the Textile Artists Association.
Several solo shows in Latvia and abroad. Participation in group exhibitions in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Kirghizia, Brussels, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria, Poland, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Italy, England, Rumania, Denmark, France, Portugal, USA, Finland, Canada, Belgium, Australia, Switzerland. Currently professor at the Latvian Academy of Arts, since 1992 has been supervising her own Master Studio.

"Art offers a possibility of escaping from everyday reality."

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