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30. 12. 1951 Born in Riga.
1968 -1971  Completed the Ceramics course at the Riga Applied Art                      High School.
1974 -1979  Completed the Design course of the Latvian Academy                      of Art.
1979 -1992  Lecturer at the Latvian Academy of Art.
1986            Member of the Latvian Artists Union.
1992            Awarded a Masters Degree in Fine Arts.
1992 - 2006 Associate Professor in the Visual Communications  
                    Department of the Latvian Academy of Art               
since 1998   Living and working in Latvia and Germany.

Staff of the Design department in 1987:Aleksandrs Dembo, Valda Podkalne, Talivaldis Gaumigs,Olgerts Ostenbergs
Zweite Reihe von links: Dzintars Lemhens, Helmuts Akis, Juris Gagainis, Arvids Drizulis, Peteris Martinsons.

Personal exhibitions:

2002. Kunstforum Kirchberg(CH)
2001. Riga (LV), Gallery „Daugava"

In exhibition opening together with painter Harald Jegodzienski.

2000. Gießen (D ), Gallery  "Hardthof"
2000. Riga (LV), Gallery „Bastejs"

Ansicht der Ausstellung

1995. 1995. Together with the painter Girts Muiznieks at the "Fenikss" Gallery, Jurmala.
1995. The "Rozental Society", Helsinki, Finland.
1995. Marta Krasta Gallery, Hotel Ridzene, Riga
1994. Jurmala (LV), „Fenikss" Gallery
1993. Riga (LV), „Bastejs" Gallery

"Porzellan and Parox"

1988. Riga (LV), G. Skilters Museum

Significant group exhibitions:

2004. "Porcelain Fascination" Munich, Germany
 Kirchberg (CH), "present".
Marburg(D) University museum for screen end art
          ART PROFILE-regionally
International Porcelain Trienalle, Nion, Switzerland.
2000. "Transition" at the Latvian Artists Union Gallery.
2000. Art forum "Kirchberg", International Small Forms Exhibition,           Kirchberg, Switzerland.
2000. "Ceramics Arts Days 2000", Oensingen, Switzerland.
2000. "Modernist Master", International Applied Arts Exhibition,           Munich, Germany.
2000. "Open-Air Sculpture", Horgrenchauzen, Westerwald Ceramics           Museum, Germany.
2000. "Applied Art in the 90s", Riga Applied Arts Museum.
2000. "Pasieris" graphics exhibition, "Bastejs" Gallery, Riga.
1999. Ceramics exhibition-competition, Offenburg, Germany.
1999. Ceramics exhibition-competition "European Ceramics '99", Horgrenchauzen, Westerwald Ceramics Museum, Germany.
1997. 5th International Small Forms Trienalle, Zagreb, Croatia.
1997. "Reukauf" Gallery, Giessen, Germany.
1997. "Hardthof" Gallery, Giessen, Germany.
1997. "Useless Things" Trienalle, Tallinn, Estonia.
1997. "Neue Wege in Porzellan: 1-1x", German Porcelain Museum,           Hoenberg, Germany.
1997. City Museum, Ger, Jena, Germany
1997. "Bastejs" Gallery, Riga, exhibition of new works by the Latvian           Academy of Arts faculty.
1996. "Zander" Gallery, Fahrenholz, Germany.
1996. Ceramics Exhibition-Competition, Offenburg, Germany.
1996. 2nd International Porcelain Symposium Exhibition of           Participants' Works, Sahrbrueken, Germany.
1996. "TON ART GI" Ceramics Exhibition in Giessen, Germany.
1995. Applied Arts Museum, Ger, Germany.
1994. "Varti" Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.
1994. "ARS Baltica - Clay Today", Aland, Sweden.
1994. Exhibition of porcelain symposium participants' works, Art           Museum, Kaunas, Lithuania.
1993. und 1994.
-1994. "From dreams to reality",           
          Baltic-Scandinavian Design and Applied Arts Exhibition:
          Helsinki, Finland.
          Gothenberg, Sweden.

1993. "Innovation Porzellan", German Industrial, Porcelain Museum,           Hoenberg, Germany.
1993. "Innovation Porzellan", Applied Arts Museum, Ger, Germany.
1993. 4th International Small Form Ceramics Trienalle, Zagreb,           Croatia.
1991. "The Art of Latvia", The Hague, Netherlands.
1990. "Today's Art in Latvia", Graz, Austria.
1988. "Latvian Art Today", Spandau, West Berlin.
1985. Exhibition of applied art by young Latvian artists, Belgrade,           Yugoslavia.
1982. "The Youth of the Earth", Moscow, USSR.

 Lectures and symposia

2002. October - November Cite ' international of Art, Paris (study stay)
Ceramics Exhibition "Freie Akademie", Giessen, Germany.
2nd International Ceramics Symposium, Athens, Ohio, USA.

Symposium leaders Brad Schwieger and Chuck Mcweeny(USA)
Participants: Èibinskas (LT), Jegodzienski(D), Podkalne(LV), Schink(D), Scapin(I).

1996: Lectures and slide-show presentations:
          Emporia State University, USA.
          Ceramics Union, Kansas, Missouri, USA.
          Athens, Ohio University, USA.
          Latvian Centre, Toronto, Canada.
Porcelain Symposium, Valbrziha, Poland.
1995. 2nd International Porcelain Symposium, "Kahla Kreativ",           Germany.
1994. International Ceramics Symposium, Dzintari, Latvia           (symposium leader).


1994. International Bone China Symposium, Kaunas, Lithuania.
1993. International Ceramics Symposium, Dzintari, Latvia           (symposium leader).


1992. International Ceramics Symposium, Dzintari, Latvia.
1992. 1st International Porcelain Symposium "Innovation Porzellan",           Kahl, Germany.
1989. Porcelain painting creative group, Dzintari, Latvia.
1982. All-Union Ceramics Symposium, Dzintari, Latvia.

Works in museum collections:

Riga, Applied Arts Museum;
Moscow, Applied Arts Museum;
Ger (Germany), German Porcelain Industrial Museum;
Hoenberg, German Porcelain Industry Museum;
Zagreb (Croatia), International Small Form Ceramics Trienalle collection;
E. Kennedy Museum, Athens, Ohio, USA;
Kaunas, Lithuania, Modern Art Museum;
Horgrenchausen (Germany), Westerwald Ceramics Museum.


2001. International Porcelain Trienalle, Nion, Switzerland - third           place.

Ruth Duckworth(USA), Valda Podkalne and the Galeristen of "Kunstforum
Kirchberg"(CH) Christoph Abbühl and Hanspeter Dähler

1999. Ceramics exhibition-competition "European Ceramics '99",           Westerwald Ceramics Museum, Horgrenchausen, Germany -
          main award for ceramics in the plastics field.

Valda Podkalne as well as the Prime Minister Kurt Beck of Rhine country Pfalz (right) and Harald Rosmanitz, the director of the ceramic(s) museum Westerwald (left). Photo Christa Philippi, Neuss.

1997. 5th International Small Form Ceramics Trienalle, Zagreb,           Croatia - Letter of Commendation.
1993. 4th International Small Form Ceramics Trienalle, Zagreb,           Croatia - Letter of Commendation.
1981. 6th Republic Design Exhibition - award winner.
1980. Exhibition of Decorative and Applied Arts by Young Artists           from the Baltic Republics - Diploma.


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