photo Karlis Zale

Born on October 28, 1888 in Mazheikiai (Lithuania), died on February 19, 1942 in Incukalns (Latvia). Sculptor. Studies at the Art School in Kazan (1909-1913), S. Erzya's studio in Moscow (1914), Imperial School of the Association for the Fostering of Arts (1916), St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1917) and the State Free Art Workshops in Petrograd (1918-1920). Participation in the implementation of a monumental propaganda project in Petrograd. Further studies in Berlin (1921-1923), where got acquainted with the phenomena of Modernism (Constructivism, Cubism). Together with A. Dzirkalis, he launched the first Latvian arts magazine Laikmets. Member of the artists' union "Sadarbs" (1924-1939).
Outstanding monumental sculptor. The most significant works include: The Common Graves (1924-1936, architects P. Feders and A. Birzenieks, horticulturist A. Zeidaks) and Statue of Liberty in Riga (1931-1935, architect E. Stalbergs). Significant works of memorial and free-standing sculpture.
Professor, head of the sculpture workshop at the Latvian Academy of Arts (1936-1940) Winner of the Fatherland's award (1938).
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image Portrait. 1922.

image The Mother. The Common Graves. 1929.

image Dancer.1922.
image  Statue of Liberty. 1931-1935.

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