Hi! Zigmunds Bielis
    My name is ZIGMUNDS BIELIS.
   I'm a SCULPTOR.
I'm trying to create abiding works of art in abiding materials, primarily in BRONZE, and of vice versa - to tie up the magic of momentin ICE.
I create my art pieces also in wood, stone, glass and various
other more or less tradicional materials.
I bring to life easel and monumental sculptures, realistic and abstract ones.
But my main aim is to vindicate in art the beauty of body.

I was born in 1954, in Riga.
1974 - finished Riga Applied Art School, the Wood carving Department.
1984 - graduated Latvia Academy of Arts, Sculpture Department.
I live and work in Riga as a free lance artist.
Since 1980 participation in juried exhibitions. Participated more than 80 exhibitions, including annual exhibitions - "Autumn", "Spring", "Art Days", and some exhibitions abroad as well as hold several solo - shows.
Recent :
at Mentzendorff's House, Riga, Latvia 2004);
at company "Ventspils Nafta" office building, Ventspils, Latvia, 2007 (together with painter Jazeps Pigoznis).

Since 1989 member of Latvia Artists' Union.