pfoto Varuzh


Varuzh (Varuzh Karapetjan) was born on January 1,1958,Armenia.In 1974-1976 years he studied at the College of Applied Arts at the specialty-jeweler in Armenia and later in 1982 he finished Yerevan Art College, specialty - easel painting. In 1989 Varuzh entered Latvian Academy of Art and graduated from the Academy at the specialty - monumental painting in 1996.
Since 1992 Varuzh has participated in several exhibiitions. In 1994 and 1995 he had two personal exhibitions in Latvia and Lithuania (Klaipeda).
Today his works are to be found in art galleries and private collections around all the world (the USA,GreatBritain,Canada,Germany,Russia,Spain, Lithuania, Latvia and etc.)
At present Varuzh lives in Riga, Latvia, the contact address : 135-9 Gertrudes street, Riga,LV 1009. telephone - 371 9520484

Armenian Prair The Mufflied Melody
Armenian Prair.1994.c.o.93x75 The Mufflied Melody.1994.c.o.100x78

The Crossroader
Still life
The Crossroader.1998.cb.o.56x51 Still life.1998.c.o.71x67

Magic night Landsape
Magic night.1996.a.e.74x102 Landsape.1991.c.o.50x60

Mystical Prediction The Wine Sampling
Mystical Prediction.1992.c.o.70x55 The Wine Sampling.1992.cb.o.77x51